What is FILTTR and how does it work?

FILTTR has the specific job offers matched to your competences and expectations. At FILTTR the employers at first try to know you and then offer you the job which you could accept or reject with one click. The idea behind the application is to be a personal, virtual manager that gives you job offers which are matched with your competences and preferences. Because of that you can avoid unnecessary spam and dozens of offers that do not match your expectations.

What hardware and system requirements does FILTTR have?

FILTTR application requires Android 4.1 or higher mobile device to start and run properly.

How to sign in at FILTTR application?

The FILTTR application allows you to register in three different ways:

  1. Facebook

    Having a Facebook account and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for processing personal data during registration is enough. If you have the Facebook application installed on your phone, FILTTR will automatically download the logging information (of course, asking you for permission to do so). If you don’t have the Facebook application installed, then the logging window will appear, where you have to enter your email and password to log in to Facebook. Once registered, you will be asked to create your micro profile. It contains information about your contact details, availability, position and IT competencies.

  2. LinkedIn

    This is the fastest and easiest way to register. If you already have a LinkedIn account, and you accepted the Terms and Conditions for Processing your personal data during registration, all you have to do is enter your login details (email address and password). Once they are entered, you will see a message allowing you to connect your LinkedIn account to FILTTR. Once accepted, the registration is successfully completed.

  3. Sign up by email

    This registration method requires: submitting an email address, completing the micro profile, and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Consent for processing personal data. The micro profile contains information about your contact details, availability, position and IT competencies.

Why do we need access to your photos?

Just like in a classic CV, it’s good to attach your photo so the employers can get to know you better.
Granting the application access to your photos will allow you to add a profile photo from your gallery or directly from your camera. We respect your privacy. We don’t store data and we will never use it without your permission and knowledge to spam you or your friends.

What if I forgot my password?

In this situation you have to go to the logging screen and click the “Remind password” button. A field will appear to submit the e-mail to which the password change link is to be sent. After you enter the email you will receive a message with the link enabling the change of your password.

What are the functionalities of the individual screens in the application?

The application has five screens:

  1. Offers for you

    This screen contains all the current offers you have received. You can accept them (the green button in the offer details), reject (by pressing the “Not for me” button) or recommend to a friend (“Share” button). In addition, you can view the details of each offer (by pressing the “Details” button). To return to the proposal screen, simply press the arrow in the upper left corner.

  2. Liked offers

    This screen contains all the offers you have accepted. They are arranged in order from latest to oldest (in order of acceptance). You can watch your postings by either tapping on an offer or delete them by dragging your finger to the left of the notification. The trash icon will appear. Once the trash icon has been clicked, the proposal is removed.

  3. All offers

    This screen allows you to view all the proposals that are currently saved in our system. You can’t reject or accept offers from this view, but you can recommend them to your friends. Just click the “Share” button and a window with the space to enter the email address of the person you want to recommend will appear. This way, you can recommend your friends to more offers than just the ones you’ve been invited to.

  4. Your profile

    On this screen you can refine your preferences and the micro profile that you are submitting. The more precisely you set your preferences, the more likely you will be to receive offers that match your expectations.

  5. Contact

    The last tag provides contact information about the application’s producer including: e-mail address, website address, and the link to the Terms and Conditions.

How does the recruitment process by the FILTTR application look like?

Once registered, you have to set your preferences which will enable sending you more tailored offers. Then wait until a job offer is sent. The frequency of offers depends on the current needs of our clients and on your competences and professional experience. When you receive a proposal, you may reject it (then we receive such information and acknowledge it) or accept it. Once you’ve accepted a job offer, you will be contacted by the Talent Advocate. During a short conversation he will verify your technical knowledge, your foreign language skills and answer any questions you may have. After the conversation has ended, your professional profile will be presented to the client. The next step is a meeting with the potential employers, to which we will take you by iTaxi at our expense. If the feedback is positive, you will be offered a cooperation offer.

How does the FILTTR’s friend referral process look like?

Once you receive a proposal you can recommend it to your friend. Click the “Send to Friend” button at the bottom of the screen and enter the email address of the person you want to recommend. Then FILTTR will send the information to the person looking for the specialist and if the person who was recommended installs FILTTR on their smartphone, accepts the proposal and their competence matches the profile of the specialist wanted, they will be involved in the recruitment process.
The current, detailed rules of the FILTTR_Friends referral program and any possible profits for you related with the recommendation of a recruited friend are contained in the Terms and Conditions which you can find in the FILTTR application and on the website www.filttr.pl.

How to unsubscribe from the e-mailing list?

After receiving the email with the offer or referral, you will see the link “I don’t want to receive job offers”. Use this link to sign out from the mailing list.

The filttr.pl homepage doesn’t work or display correctly.

Make sure that you have the latest version of your browser installed (both desktop and mobile version). All versions of popular browsers are supported on the desktop version: Firefox version 38, Internet Explorer version 11, Chrome version 35, Opera version 29, and Safari version 5.1.7.

Is the remuneration shown on the FILTTR offers gross or net?

The remuneration shown on the FILTTR offers is always the net pay.

Will I be able to edit the data I submitted when registering?

Yes. After registration (in the mobile application or on the Filttr.pl site) you will have the possibility to edit practically all data you submitted at registration. The only one you cannot change is the e-mail address, this is why it is so important to remember to type it in correctly at registration.

Will my data be visible to every customer?

No. Your data is going to be presented to clients only when you like the offer sent by a given client.

Where do the offers come from?

Our clients (both Polish and foreign) are companies looking for IT specialists and they place offers on FILTTR.

How can I remove the account?

If you want to remove your FILTTR account please send us a request to hello@filttr.pl

How to contact with FILTTR support?

Any questions should be addressed to: hello@filttr.pl